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Quality Steering Council

The Hospital’s Board of Directors established the New Milford Hospital Quality Steering Council (QSC) in 1993. The purpose of this committee, which reports directly to the Board of Directors, is to oversee, direct, and be responsible for monitoring all aspects of QUALITY at New Milford Hospital. The membership of this committee is composed of members of the Board of directors, senior level management, other members of management, and employees of the hospital.

The Union has negotiated two seats on this committee.  The Union has the exclusive right to name the RN members of this committee as well as naming RN’s to any sub committee or team created by the QSC. The current Union members that serve on the QSC are Walter O’Connor and Cathy Novicky.


During the decade plus of the existence of the QSC many teams and committees were formed that have had a significant impact on the quality of patient care and work environment (I know, there is still a long way to go). The Union expresses its thanks to all those members who took time to be members of these teams. The QSC was directly responsible for the development of the Hospitals Core Values.  To the Union members who took part in the Team that developed the Core Values a particular thank you. The incorporation of the Core Values is considered essential to the hospital's culture and the delivery of quality performance.  Recently you were all asked to fill out a survey regarding these Core Values. Thanks to all of you that have taken the time to fill out this survey. The results are currently being reviewed and scored. The results of this survey are scheduled to be reported to the QSC at the September meeting.  Cathy Novicky and Walter O’Connor will be reporting to you the results of this survey.